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Horse Riding Neurocentric Biomechanics Assessments

We take a whole new approach to Rider Biomechanics.  We look at how your brain and nervous system is working by using a higher order system.  When you get tightness,  weakness,  wonkiness, pain or dysfuction its is due to an output reaction to your brain feeling like its threatened.  We work on getting your body working for you instantly. 

To find out more about our approach please watch this seminar 


Our assessments include -
- Pre assessment and history taking
- Ridden assessment on you horse- live or video options
- Ground based Movement assessment- live

These 3 element will help us learn about your areas of concerns which you will need to work on to improve your riding and connection with your horse. We then aim to work with you to correct these with our correction package which will be ridden and ground based rehab and correction work.

Call or message to book or for more information.

We offer an online neurocentric movement course which give you a great place to start on the ground. for more information please visit link below.