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Face to Face Appointments

Due to current Lockdown restrictions put in place on the 05.01.2021 PB Movement clinic has to close for all Face to face appointments at this time. We are currently offering online and telephone consulations.  This is upto date as of the 05/01/2021. 

Initial Assessment 

We start every new process with an individual consultation, which is vital for us to learn more about you, your history, and your goals. Within this process we also will take you through a movement assessment which helps us identify exactly where we need to start the work. In this session we then plan the best and most effective way for you to move forward. 

This session is for everyone who would like to work with us. Whether you are currently in pain,  have pain that comes and goes, you feel you aren't strong enough, or fast enough or just want to move better this session is for you.

If there are no appointment available please email us at to let us know you are intersted in working with us.  We only work with a small amount of people at one time to ensure you get the best service possible and we may be full and are taking a waiting list.

Senior movement therapist

Movement Therapist

Monthly Support Packages

We know that by working with people for a set period of time allows you to get the results you need.  We offer different intensity of support that suit every individals needs. These are either 8 x sessions per month, 4 x sessions per month, or 2 x sessions per month.

Alongside this you will have the opportunity to carry out work independently where we support you via our various channels of communication:

  • Private Programming App - we will send you the programmes through an app that allows us to personalise your plan and give you DAILY EXERCISES with video support on all movements

  • Direct Contact - being able to keep in touch is really important, which is where you will be able to contact your therapist regularly.


2 sessions per month

Movement Therapist

Senior Movement therapist - Lotti

4 sessions per month

Movement therapist

Senior movement therapist - Lotti

8 sessions per month

movement therapist

Senior movement therapist - Lotti


Sports Massage

Sports massage and Deep Tissue massage is aimed at individuals who regularly participate in sporting activity or individuals with muscular pain from their day to day activities. Sports massage manipulates soft tissue which will help improve and restore correct muscle function, increase flexibility and blood flow, remove waste products and break down adhesion. The massage we offer includes Muscle Energy Techniques (METs), Soft Tissue Release (STR), Myofacial Release and other Advance Sports Massage Techniques.

Pregancy Massage 

Pregnancy Massage aims to alleviate many of the common aches and pains that develop within pregnancy as well as provide some much needed relaxations.  Pregnancy massage can help reduce legs cramps and swelling,  ease headaches,  reduce lower and upper back pain,  relieve sciatica and pelvic girdle pain.  This is all with a pregnancy massage specialist.