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Running Coaching 

This is a one hour session where we analyse your running technique and movement biomechanics. During the assessment we take a full history to know all about you, your running and injuries.  We then film your walking and running, complete strength, movement and neuromuscular tests. Once we have gathered all the information we sit down together to go through the video analysis and functional movement assessment.  We discuss with you what we have identified as strengths and weaknesses and the areas of concern which may be putting you at risk of injury or preventing you from running faster. 

PB Movement are Certified Running Technique Specialists accredited by The Running School


Following on from the Running Technique Assessment the one hour running technique coaching sessions take you through a running journey to improve your technique.  We work on the weaknesses and inefficiencies found in the Running Assessment using a variety of coaching using a mix of run training, strength training and movement repatterning. The coaching is bespoke to you, your movement patterns and goals.  You are prescribed running and conditioning homework throughout the programme to enhance your running technique and movement patterns.   

In the last session we review your goals and reassess your technique comparing your before and after videos. We also discuss your plan running going forward ensuring you keep working to maintain your new skills, strength and continue improving. 

We offer Running Technique Coaching in a Block of 6, 12 or 18 one hour sessions.

Please check out our youtube channel for before and after videos of other PB Movement Graduates.  

PB Movement are Certified Running Technique Specialists accredited by The Running School

Here are some of our graduates before and after videos from our Runnning Technique Coaching Courses