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Taking Action with Pain

Interestingly though, when it comes to “pain” the decisions people make lead to 2 trails of thoughts; the first one is “I need to get rid of this ASAP” which then pushes people towards treatments that offer a treatment to help said pain. The second one, and the least common one for sure, is “I really should get to the bottom of this” because really the pain is something that’s come about because you have a feeling like you KNOW what has caused it (even if it isn’t really what caused it, but you’re willing to go deeper into finding out)

Both these trails of thoughts do usually lead to some form of action, which is a great first step to take. Now if we compare it to the other first steps mentioned in the first paragraph, was it easier to think like this, and then take action?

The first thought probably was yes, but the second one? Maybe a bit tougher.

So what does that mean you think? Let me ask you this question; Do things that are worth it come easy? This question can again be placed in most situations, and the answer is probably more than likely “no” too.

So, thinking about pain, does this mean that the solution to removing pain for good is worth it?


Does this solution come easy?

Maybe not as easy as a single treatment, so no.

So what does that REALLY mean then?

That the BEST possible solution to dealing with pain comes down to diving deeper into the reasons WHY there is pain, and being honest about what needs to be done to overcome it.

And this can only really be done if you simply take that first step...

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