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Zoey Scott

Helping you connect with your own body to be able to live a confident and pain-free life.

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Zoeys' Story

Zoey graduated from Teesside University with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation in 2018

As one of our more experienced therapists, Zoey began her PB adventure back in 2017 as a student where she began shadowing Lotti, whilst coming to the end of her second year at university. Zoey immediately demonstrated what we are all about at PB and her placement continued into her third year. January 2018 saw Zoey become a permanent member of the team, where she started out giving sports massage treatments until she graduated and became a full-time therapist in July. Zoey has since continued to grow her skills, knowledge, and confidence with continued support from team PB.

Zoey knows all about the local area as she has lived here all her life. She grew up in the little villages on the outskirts of Richmond before moving to Richmond itself where she now lives with her partner and 2 amazing children.

Zoey comes from a sporty background and is very passionate about Swimming and Running as she has competed in events from the ages of 8 to 18. Although she is no longer a member of clubs, she still loves to swim, and when she can, visits Ellerton Lake, but these days she tends to walk rather than run. She has also keenly supported local events such as the Middlesbrough 10k, Richmond Castle 10k, and a local football team where she provided pitch side first aid.

Zoey is very passionate about her role as a movement specialist, providing support and guidance to assist clients to get back to what they love doing. Whether it’s for sport, recreational walking, or even just everyday living. She loves to get to know her clients, as she feels that this allows her to go on the recovery journey with them together. Zoey’s passion and dedication for what she does gives her an enormous sense of pride when she sees one of her clients reach the goal that they have worked so hard towards achieving.

Let’s Work Together

BSc(Hons) Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

Functional biomechanics of running

Dynamic Movement Skills


First aid at work

Level 2 fitness instructor - water-based 

Level 2 fitness instructor - gym-based

Sports Massage

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