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Helping you connect with your own body to be able to live a confident and pain-free life.


Your Questions Answered

What do I need to wear to my appointment? 

Initial assessment - Shorts or leggings with a t-shirt are ideal. 

Rehabilitation - Clothing you are comfortable moving in.

Sports Massage - Shorts and a t-shirt but we have towels we use to keep your privacy.

Running Sessions- Your running trainers and clothes you would run in.  Please ensure your shoes are clean.

Where do I go when I arrive clinic?

Your therapist will meet you in reception, or if they are in an appointment please go through the doors into the downstairs rehab studio and take a seat on the right.

What Payments do you accept?

Cash or Card

How do I cancel an appointment?

Call us on 01748901990 if less than 24 hours.  If before 24 hours you are also able to use your booking confirmation email.  

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