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About us

Helping you connect with your own body to be able to live a confident and pain-free life.

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About PB Movement 

In 2021 we started our new journey as PB Movement when we rebranded PB Sports Therapy. Here is a little bit about our journey which got us where we are today. 

Lotti dreamt of running her own injury clinic and wanted to become a Physiotherapist from a very young age. After doing work experience at school she realised that Physiotherapy wasn’t exactly the job she had thought it was and had dreamt about, it wasn’t dealing with sports injuries and rehabilitating individuals back to sport and full fitness on a daily basis.

After leaving disheartened Lotti found sports therapy which was exactly what she has been looking for. Lotti choose her A levels and degree subjects so she could pursue a career in sports therapy.

After completing her degree in 2009 Lotti worked in a several clinics and many sports clubs but never found they had the focus and drive to help people in the way she wanted.

In 2015 Lotti and her husband Terry moved to North Yorkshire after having their little boy Freddy. After maternity leave, Lotti was looking for a job that was flexible to family life as well as something she knew and loved which is helping people (which Lotti had also found out she was good at in previous jobs too). 

The idea came about that setting up her clinic would allow her to bring all of the best bits from each clinic Lotti had worked in but also focus on our vision, goals, and dreams. Once it had been decided it was a great opportunity, Lotti and Terry then started working on branding and building the image of the clinic in the way they wanted to create it. Therefore, PB Sports Therapy was set up!

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Over the years Lotti grew from a single practitioner to a multi-practitioner multi-discipline centre.  After spending university placement with Lotti, Zoey joined the team upon graduation in 2017.   Kelly joined the team as a Sports Massage Therapist in 2018 and Chloe joined the team in 2019. With all this increase in team size, we also expanded within the clinic too.

In 2019 Lotti won Best Female Business Owner in The British Business Awards. From this day it gave Lotti the determination and focus knowing that if she put her mind to it she can do it.

In the midst of the pandemic in 2020 Lotti had time to reflect on what the clinic was and the direction it was to go in 2021. Introducing new services alongside our current services. 

We were, and still are, proud of how much our business has grown over the years and we could not have done it without the support from our clients and the local community. This is why we have decided to rebrand and follow our values and create new and exciting rehabilitation packages. 

We know by bringing our core values (connection, empowerment, and honesty) we can help you take control of your health, pain, and lifestyle. 

We are now working clearly knowing relying on a short-term solution does help, but not enough in regards to what we expect from ourselves as people and professionals.

The clinic today has developed and driven to be a clinic with science and future therapies at the front of all treatments we offer.  Over the past 5 years, Lotti and the team have learned and understood more about the body and how movement actually works.  Now in 2023, we are solid in the knowledge knowing that the brain controls all movements and functions.  A Neurocentric approach to rehabilitation is at the forefront of our mind when you come in for an appointment.  This means we look at how your brain is talking to the body and how ALL systems are working together. This allows us to be the last therapist you need to see.  


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