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PB Movement is here to help you connect with your own body to be able to live a confident and pain-free life.

Award-winning Sports Injury Clinic in Catterick Garrison.

Our Story

We are a team of therapists who are passionate about helping you move better. Whether your goal is to move pain-free, run your first 5km, or improve in your desired sport or general health and fitness then we have the right team member to help and support you. We specialise in sports injuries, performance enhancement, Neurocentric rehabilitation,  pre and post-surgery, Post pregnancy return to movement, Lymphatics, Breathwork, and much much more. 

We work by applying our detailed knowledge of the body and body systems to help you achieve what you want to achieve. Using this knowledge and depth of understanding we work on getting your body working for you instantly. Working together we can then plan how we can take you on your path to success. 

We are specialists in movement, neurology, and biomechanics. We look at how your brain and nervous system is communicating with the body by using the higher-order system. When you get tightness, weakness, wonkiness, pain, or dysfunction it's due to an output reaction to your brain feeling like it's threatened.  We work on getting your body working for you instantly. 

Every client has an initial assessment where we learn about you,  your injury, and your history. We then build a rehabilitation plan to fit your goal and needs with help from our one-to-one support, a personalised exercise programme with your daily exercises via an app, and direct contact with your therapist.

Our Values


Empowerment is a powerful feeling. It allows you to have the confidence to make better decisions, that may be with your health,  your time, or your situation. We ensure you are empowered to take control of your goals 


Connection allows a better opportunity for progress, growth, and for long-term change.  We help you establish a personal, professional or connection with your own body. 


Without honesty, we wouldn’t be able to instigate change.  You cannot expect to see “results” if you don’t truly face what is in front of you. We work on an open and honest relationship. 


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