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Helping people connect with their own bodies to be able to live a confident pain free life



PB Movement

PB movement are a team of therapists who are passionate about helping you move better.  Whether you goal is to move pain free from injury, to be able to run around with your kids or grand kids, to run your first 5 km,  get get player of the match in any sport or even to take on mammoth personal challenge what ever that may be we have the right team member who will be able to support you.  

We work with by understanding you,  you history and what you want to achieve.  We together then plan how we can take you  on your path to success.  

Every client has an initial assessment which is where we learn about you we then build a plan where you receive regular 121 support, a personalised exercise programme with your daily exercises via an app, direct contact with your therapist, private support group

Our Values


Connection allows better opportunity for progress,  for grown,  and for long-term change,  whether that’s person-to -person,  or connection  with your own body.


Empowerment is a powerful feeling.  It allows you to have confidence to make better decisions,  whether thats with your health,  your time or your situation.


Honesty without this we wouldn’t be able to instigate change.  You cannot expect to see “results” if you don’t truly face what is in front of you.  



Our Team

We are a dedicated team of movement specialists who are passionate about helping people in pain learn how to live a pain free life.

Team PB Movement are a multi disaplinary team of Sports Therapists,  Physiotherapists and Sports Massage Therapists who are here to empower you to move better. Wheter you are struggling with Lower back pain,  knee pain from running,  or just feel you are not moving quite right.  We can help.  

Latest News

Why investing in a coach is life-changing

Why investing in a coach is life-changing

Give the man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day.

Teach the man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

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Taking Action with Pain

Taking Action with Pain

The hardest step is the first one. That’s pretty common when it comes to doing new things. You could put this in most situations I’d imagine? Think of the times when you started a new job, or wanted to learn a new skill, even when you...

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What is pain anyway?

What is pain anyway?

 This is a subject matter that, if we had more time, I’d go over with you in much more detail for sure. Today we will summarise.

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Online Running Course

Online Running Course

We created it through a realisation that lots of people have taken up running due to the current lockdown, and seeing people over the years with issues that could have been avoided has caused me to create this process.

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I have been under PB Movement for several years now. Initially it was for neck and shoulder pain from an old injury. However, now Lottie has identified and is treating an old post surgery problem from years ago as it is connected and affecting other areas in my body. She has taught me how to exercise and breathe correctly and I have seen great improvements in all areas of my body. I am now learning how to ease and manage the problems and the pain. I cannot recommend Lottie and the team more highly

Cathy Thompson, December 2020

Lotti’s online sessions were focussed, progressive and running specific. They helped me train from home to build strength and co-ordination in readiness for racing to return. It is always great to check in with Lotti. She is always happy to help and extremely knowledgeable. I learned a lot from the sessions and I’ve seen a definite improvement in my running this year.

Jess young, November 2020

"Last lockdown I found PB movement's online classes a saviour. I started them as a keep fit while the gym was closed. My goal quickly changed once I stared the DM classes with Lotti, they were so fun and work on improving movements to prevent injury. Who knew I couldn’t walk properly before I started my weekly DMS classes. They are very flexible, if you can’t make the class you can be sent the link to do later. I prefer to do them live as you get Lotti promoting and instructing the group. Friendly, approachable and inclusive classes to help with fitness and injury........and I didn’t have to leave the house. Give it ago, what’s the worst that can improve you movement, mood and fitness. Highly recommend.

Terri Horner, June 2020

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