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The Power of the Tongue

The tongue is a muscular organ found in the mouth, its main role is to manipulate food for chewing and swallowing as part of the digestive process.

Its position in the mouth also dictates how the face forms and how the teeth sit within the jaw. The ideal tongue posture in a relaxed state is at the roof of the mouth the mid part of the tongue sits on the roof and the front of the tongue should not touch the teeth- ensuring the lower and upper jaw are in contact but not clenched. When the tongue sits on the roof of the mouth it allows the upper jaw (maxilla) to widen allowing space for the teeth and a nice open airway, it can also help prevent snoring and sleep apnoea.

If the tongue sits relaxed it narrows the jaw meaning overcrowding of the jaw can occur. Due to the narrowing of the jaw it can pull the chin down and backwards causing neck and shoulder issues and can cause a bite dysfunction which can cause headaches, migraines and facial pain.

Incorrect tongue positioning can be caused by mouth breathing, this can be caused by many things, such as allergies and also habits such as thumb sucking and lack of tough foods.

Try placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth and then carry a load, now try with your tongue on the bottom and see the difference yourself.

If you struggle with migraines, tight shoulders or jaw pain please contact us for more information.

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